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Current Grants

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Rabindra Bhattacharya   Nonparametric Statistics and Riemannian Geometry in Image Analysis: New Perspectives with Applications in Biology, Medicine, Neuroscience and Machine Vision  NSF
Rabindra Bhattacharya   Collaborative Research: New directions in nonparametric inference on manifolds with applications to shapes and images  NSF
James Cushing  Collaborative Research: Climate Change, Cannibalism, and Reproductive Synchrony: The Effect of Food Shortages on Life History Strategies of Marine Organisms  NSF
Bin Dong Collaborative Research: Wavelet Frames for Variational Models in Imaging: Bridging Discrete and Continuum  NSF
Nicholas Ercolani  Models and Asymptotics of Non-equilibrium Steady States in Driven Diffusive Systems  NSF
Ibrahim Fatkullin CAREER: Defects and singularities in liquid crystalline and bacterial systems  NSF
David Glickenstein  CAREER: Discrete and Generalized Riemannian Geometry and Curvature Flows  NSF
Leonid Kunyansky Collaborative research: Mathematics of emerging imaging methods in medicine and homeland security  NSF
Joceline Lega "NEW: GK-12" Graduate Students and Teacher Engaging in Mathematical Sciences (G-Teams)  NSF
Kevin Lin Computational Nonlinear Dynamics: Variance Reduction Methods and Numerical Studies of Large, Chaotic, and Noisy Systems  NSF
Moysey Brio Applications of Adaptive Meshes and Transformation Optics to Maxwell Solvers  ASU – NSF Subcontract
Moysey Brio Invisible Cloaking and Local Mesh Refinement: Novel Applications of Transformation Optics  ASU – NSF Subcontract
Sergey Cherkis From Integrable Systems to Hyperkaehler Geometry via String Theory   Simons Foundation
 Kenneth T-R Mclaughlin  Daniel Madden  Alliance for Building Faculty Diversity in the Mathematical Sciences  NSF Subcontract with North Carolina State University
Alan Newell Phyllotactic patterns and pattern quarks and leptons  NSF
Cody Patterson Southern Arizona Inducting New Teachers (SAINT)  US Dept of Education
David Savitt CAREER: p-adic and mod p Galois representations  NSF
Sunder Sethuraman Scaling Limits in Stochastic Interacting Systems  US Army
Romyar Sharifi Arizona Winter School  NSF
Romyar Sharifi Selmer groups and the arithmetic of modular symbols  NSF
Romyar Sharifi FRG: Collaborative Research: Chern classes in Iwasawa Theory  NSF
Romyar Sharifi Selmer Groups and Modular Symbols  NSA
Romyar Sharifi Modular Symbols in Iwasawa Theory  Simons Foundation
Robert Sims Many-Body Quantum Systems  Simons Foundation
Pham Tiep Representations of Finite Groups and Applications  NSF
Pham Tiep Group Representations and Applications  Simons Foundation
Janek Wehr Mathematics of Noisy and Disordered Systems  NSF
Vladimir Zakharov Collaborative Research: Deterministic and Statistics Theory of Wind Driven Sea of Finite Depth  NSF
Vladimir Zakharov Extreme Water Waves  BSF
Hao Zhang Flexible Modeling for High-Dimensional Complex Data: Theory, Methodology, and Computation  NSF
Hao Zhang ABI Innovation: Gini-based methodologies to enhance network-scale transcriptome analysis in plants  NSF
Shankar Venkataramani Collaborative Research: Lagrangian data blending for hurricane tracking and source estimation  NSF
Shankar Venkataramani Collaborative Research: A Lagrangian Description of Breaking Ocean Surface Waves from Laboratory Measurements and Stochastic Parameterizations.  NSF
Aubrey Neihaus Research Plan to Study the Efficacy of the Intel Math Program in the Chandler School District  Intel Foundation
Aubrey Neihaus Continuation of the Revision of the Intel Math Curriculum  Intel Foundation
William McCallum Unit Blueprints – Middle School  Hewlett Foundation
William McCallum Unit Blueprints – High School  Hewlett Foundation
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