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Math Course Placement

Each major at the UA has a specific math requirement. In order to register for a math course, you must satisfy the course's prerequisite and eligibility criteria.

Students can meet the eligibility requirements through Math Department approved prerequisite course work, completed generally within the last 18 months, or through the Math Placement Test. The test is for entry into courses at or below the level of Calculus I.

There are special placement pages for incoming freshman main campus, incoming freshman online campus, incoming transfer/readmit/non-degree seeking main campus incoming transfer online campus. 

For students looking for information about how to satisfy their G-Strand (Math 105) requirement, please visit our G-Strand (Math 105) Information Page.

Placement Rules

ALEKS scores in the table below are percentages. These scores can change at the discretion of the Math Department and are updated each January.

See the list of courses and registration requirements below. UA ALEKS Online Test scores are good for one year only. If you do not complete the appropriate UA math course prerequisite within a year of taking the test, you will need to retest and try to meet the placement requirement for a particular math course. See the list of prerequisite courses in the table below.

Milestone Levels are only for students who have placed via transfer credit approved by the Math Department. Students can check their Milestone Level in the UAccess Student under Academic History Report (Unofficial transcript). If your milestone level is not listed below, please check the Transfer Credit information.

PCLG, MCLG, and PPCL are proctored exams.

Intermediate Algebra (like Pima MAT 097 or 122)

Course Registration Requirement  

Minimum Milestone Level

(given to students with

appropriate transfer credit)

Prep for Col Alg,


Prep for Calculus


Math Dept Approved Prerequisite or
Transfer Credit
(taken within last 18 months, non-incoming freshman)
Math 100AX None, placement test only 0-29% 0-19%

This course is part of the Fall freshman Schedule for Success Program.

Non-freshman can take Math 100AX in spring or summer.

Math 100 None, placement test only 30-70% 20-50% n/a
MCB 181R
PHYS 102


55% 45% n/a
MATH 105
MATH 107
None, placement test only 40% 30% Intermediate Algebra (Pima MAT 097 or 122)
MATH 112
None, placement test only 55% 40%

MATH 111 Level 3- Trig 65% 50% College Algebra (Math 112)
CHEM 151
ISTA 116
SBS 200
Level 4 - Pre-calc, Stats, Elements of Calc 88% 65%

College Algebra (UA Math 109C, or 112),

Calculus Preparation (UA Math 120R), or higher

MATH 113
MATH 163
MATH 263
MATH 302a*
Level 4- Pre-calc, Stats, Elements of Calc 88% 65% College Algebra (UA Math 109C or 112)
MATH 116 Level 4- Precalc, Stats, Elements of Calc 88% 65% College Algebra (UA Math 109C or 112)
and MIS 111
MATH 120R Level 4- Precalc, Stats, Elements of Calc


65% College Algebra (Math 112)


Level 5- Calculus n/a 70%

A grade of C or higher in Precalculus (UA Math 120r) for Math 122A.


CSC   127A

CSC   227

Level 5- Calculus n/a 70%

A grade of C or higher in Precalculus (UA Math 120r)
or College Algebra & Trigonometry (UA Math 112 and 111) for Math 122A.

MATH 122B Level 5C - Math 122A with C or higher n/a n/a A grade of C or higher in MATH 122A
CHEM 105A None, placement test only n/a 88% n/a
MATH 125 Level 5.1-Accelerated Calculus n/a 85% n/a
Math 129 Level 6- Calc II n/a n/a AP AB score of 3 or higher, AP BC score of 3,
C or higher in Math 122B/125 or equivalent 
Math 313
Math 223
Math 254
Level 7 - Calc II prerequisite n/a n/a AP BC score of 4 or 5, Math 129, or equivalent
with grade of C or higher


*Students in the appropriate majors who have recently completed Math 105 can register for MATH 302A.

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