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Review for Courses or Placement Exams

Review for the Placement Test (Assessment)

About the test

For information about what topics are on the tests as well as information about what test you should take, please visit the Testing Process Page. 

Free Review Options

For students taking the Prep for College Algebra test, we suggest following the College Algebra level course review topics.

For students taking the Prep for Calculus test, we suggest following the Preparation for Calculus course review topics.

Review with ALEKS Learning Mode

An alternative to reviewing using the course review materials listed above is to use the ALEKS Learning Mode online review tool.

Review for Courses

Tips For Success

  • Start preparing before classes begin. Go to the course website, look at the course syllabus, and get started on the first few weeks of assignments, with the goal that the first few weeks of lecture will be review. This is a formula for success. Do not walk into your first UA math course without review.
  • Students who place into a course with the minimum requirements should consider taking the prerequisite.
  • Review and be prepared.

Review Prerequisite Material

Once you have satisfied the eligibility requirements for a particular UA MATH course, it is important to make sure you know what is considered prerequisite material for that particular course. Below is a list of UA MATH courses with links to material that students need to know prior to taking that particular course. In general, this is material that is not reviewed during the course.

Review for students who plan to enroll in:


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