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Math Transfer Credit Approval Form

This form is for MATH courses only. The only exception is SBS 200.  For other evaluations, like PHIL, PSYC, LING, MGMT, POL, COMM etc., please contact the corresponding UA department.

Read the information below before completing this form. You will first need to find the following information through the transfer institution website (web address, link, url):  the main webpage (http:// etc.), a link to ALL math/stats course descriptions from the year in which you took or will take the course, a link to all course descriptions. Pre-approvals also require a link to the schedule of class (lists dates and times courses are offered).  We look at the content of a course, the level of the course (prerequisite), and how grades are calculated in the course.  Note that sometimes courses with a similar name have very different content.   Exam and grading policies are required for online, correspondence, and continuing education courses. Information about UA courses should not be provided in this form, just the transfer institution and math course information.

  • See the Arizona Transfer Course Equivalencey Guide to see if the course automatically transfer to UA. You may just need to contact us to update your placement, if applicable.
  • For coursework to be used to meet MATH 302A/B requirements,  you can use this form but must attach the course syllabus.
  • For courses taken outside the US, if the catalog descriptions are available online and in English, use this form. If not, see the transfer page.
  • Online, correspondence, or distance learning course are not approved if proctored exams are not required as part of the course policy for all students. ALL exams must be proctored, not just the final, as part of the course requirements for all students taking the course.   You must provide the course syllabus, grading policy, and exam policy. We do not accept courses if proctored exams do not account for more than 50% of the overall grade. 
  • The Math Department does not determine the number of credits that transfer in from a particular institution. Questions regarding this should be directed to the Office of the Registrar. Quarter system units are converted to semester units by multiplying the units by 2/3.
  • If you do not yet have a UA SID or NET ID, just provide other information in those fields in order to submit the form. 

The evaluation process usually takes one to two weeks to complete. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Select Request Type- Do no submit summer pre-approvals until April or later

Note that you are asked to provide links to ALL Math (and Statistics if applicable) course descriptions, not just the description of the course that you took or want to take. Failure to provide this will delay your evaluation. If you do not yet have a UA SID or NET ID, just put in 00000000.

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