The University of Arizona

Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award


Each year, the Math Department recognizes our top researcher.

Application Information

Eligibility: A graduating senior who has shown outstanding achievement in independent, undergraduate research
Frequency: Annual

During the spring semester, the Undergraduate Committee (UGC) selects a mathematics major (who will be graduating during that academic year) for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in Mathematics. The department's selection for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in Mathematics is then forwarded to the College of Science for consideration for the College of Science Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award. Candidates may be asked to submit supporting materials for consideration.

Past Recipients

  • Max Von Hippel, 2019
  • Yifan "Johnny" Yang, 2018
  • Craig Gross, 2017
  • Megan Shearer, 2016
  • Shloka Desai, 2015
  • Taylor Corcoran, 2014
  • Doron Shahar, 2013
  • Jason (Qian) Xu, 2012
  • Andrew Binder, 2011
  • Sean Howe, 2010
  • Amanda Schaeffer, 2009
  • Brendan Christopher Fry, 2008
  • Christopher Robert McMurdie, 2007
  • Benjamin Armbruster, 2004
  • Justin W. "Dub" Gaberdiel, 2003