The University of Arizona

David Lovelock Award for Innovation in Education


The award, which will normally be given biannually, seeks to recognize and reward innovation and creativity in the mathematical education of and the provision of and mathematical experiences for undergraduates. New ideas and imaginative approaches are necessary requirements but much attention will also be given to their successful implementation. Since successful implementation may often involve more than one person, the award may be shared.

The set of eligible contributions is large, ranging from new ways of teaching old subjects, to software development which complements learning, to building synergistic relationships with client disciplines via course development, to ideas we have not yet imagined. In short, the selection panel will be interested in all activities which have been successfully implemented and which contribute in a novel way to the learning of Mathematics. 




Application Information

Eligibility: Mathematics faculty and staff
Frequency: Biannually

Award eligibility is open to all faculty and staff in the Mathematics family, including tenured, non-tenured and adjunct faculty members. In some cases, the award can be shared between mathematicians and colleagues from other disciplines whose participation in the activity was considered critical to its success.

The selection panel will consist of three elected regular faculty members. In the first year, they will be elected for one ,two and three years in order to ensure turnover. Each year thereafter, one person will be elected to serve three years. The Department Chair will appoint the panel chair.

The panel will be proactive in soliciting nominations, which can be made at any time. They will be considered every December and, on the average, an award will be made every two years.                     

Nominations should include a description of no more than five pages describing the idea and activity and providing evidence of its successful implementation. They should include CV's and other documentation deemed relevant to the case.

The award will be presented at the Spring Commencement College of Science Convocation.