The University of Arizona

Classroom Labs

This page provides information about our computer classrooms, Math 101 and Math 102.

Usage & Booking Policy

The policy is set by the computer committee.

  • These rooms are not intended for regularly scheduled class meetings, where use of computers by the students, or a computer demonstration by the instructor, is a small component of the class period. (Exceptions to this rule may be granted after approval by the Computer Committee and the Department Head.)
  • M101 is the designated room for Math 100 courses and is often in use.  Please contact to check on the availability of this room.
  • If you would like to see changes/additions to the hardware or software configurations, please contact us. Note that no changes are made during a semester; requests for changes for a particular semester (spring, summer, fall) must be made at least one month prior to the start of that semester.
  • To report problems (hardware or software failures), please contact the computer support staff.
  • The computer classroom doors are to remain locked whenever not in use by a member of the department. Students may not occupy these rooms without supervision by a member of the department. In particular, the rooms are not to be used by students for studying or web surfing in between scheduled activities. If you discover the room to be unlocked or inappropriately occupied, please lock it and inform our academic office.

Available Hardware and Software

There are 30 user stations and 1 instructor station attached to an overhead video projector.
There is 1 instructor station attached to an overhead video projector.