The University of Arizona

Graduate Labs

This page provides information about the graduate computing labs in Math 401N and Math 225/227.

Usage Policy

The policy is set by the computer committee.

  • Food and drink: Food/drink can be harmful to computers!  However, since students work together on lengthy research or homework projects. we do not enforce a hardline “absolutely no food/drink allowed” policy. Instead, we provide large center tables—away from equipment—so that you can keep food/drink away from the equipment. Note that campus janitorial staff does not enter the labs, and our computer support staff enters the labs only occasionally. You must clean up after yourself, and you must put all perishable food remains in the hallway. (Since lab wastebaskets are emptied only occasionally.)
  • Whiteboard usage: Use it freely but clean it after you are done. Please don't let the marker ink dry on the whiteboard.
  • Printing: Do not waste! Recycle unwanted printouts.
  • Rebooting computers: Do not do so! There may be important background jobs you are unaware of. If a computer hangs or otherwise acts strangely, please contact the computer support staff.
  • Locking your terminal screen: You may lock the screen to briefly leave the lab, for example in order to go to the restroom or to get a book from your office. But if you will be gone for more than 5 minutes, you must log out. If someone discovers a locked terminal and the owner has not appeared for 5 minutes, please contact the computer system staff and let us know the machine name we can unlock it.
  • Noise level: Students may work together on projects, which requires talking. Please keep in mind that other people in the lab may prefer a quiet environment. You may listen to music at reasonable volumes using your own headphones.
  • Keep the computer support staff informed: contact them on the status of the computers, printers, accessories, room tidiness, special needs, etc.

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