The University of Arizona

Ph.D. Minor Requirements

Students in other PhD programs may earn a PhD minor in Mathematics by completing 12 units of approved graduate course work in mathematics.  All the course work must be approved by the Mathematics PhD minor advisor and for each course the instructor of the course must indicate his or her approval by signing a form (available online or in the Mathematics Graduate Office) that indicates the student's performance in their course merits a PhD minor. In cases where suitable course work was carried out elsewhere or where the instructor cannot or will not sign the form, an examination set by the PhD minor advisor may be substituted for the instructor's statement.

Students may also split their minor with another minor, in which case 6 units of approved graduate course work is required.

Mathematics courses that are required for the student's PhD major or are in the subject area of the student's PhD major may not be used towards the Mathematics PhD minor. (For example, a PhD student in Statistics cannot use math courses that are required for the Statistics PhD or math courses whose content is statistics for the Mathematics PhD minor.)

Some "dual numbered" courses may be suitable as part of the PhD minor, but as a general rule the PhD minor advisor will not approve a plan of study that includes more that 6 units of dual numbered courses. 

Students should consult with the PhD minor advisor about the suitability of their course work for the minor and for their careers before beginning the coursework for the minor.

The PhD minor advisor is currently Professor David Glickenstein.