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Our online form at Contact the Math Placement Office is the best form of contact for quickest assistance. Please read through this information below before submitting the form. 

The PPL Assessment (Math Placement test) : Incoming students, see your Next Steps Center for testing instructions Current students, click here for information and instructions. 

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College Math Credit - If you have college math credit that needs to be evaluated (shows as Math 1tr or Math 3tr), submit an evaluation.

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Course Placement

Each major at the UA has a specific math requirement. In order to register for a math course, you must satisfy the course's prerequisite and eligibility criteria. This can be done through UA Math prerequisites, UA ALEKS PPL test scores, SAT I MSS or ACT MATH scores (first year students only), or approved Math transfer credit.  PPL, SAT I, and ACT scores expire after one year.  

Incoming students should check the Math Placement section of their Next Steps Center to find out what steps to take to qualify for UA Math courses.

More information can be found on Incoming Student Pages:
Main Campus: Incoming First Year Students
Main Campus: Incoming Transfer / Re-admit / Non-Degree Seeking as well as College of Applied Science & Technology (CAST) incoming students
Arizona Online Campus: All Incoming Students

PPL Assessment (Math Placement Test)

The purpose of our placement process is to determine, based on your mathematical background and current mathematical ability, which MATH courses are appropriate for you. Past experience shows that the Math Placement Test may be the clearest indicator. For this reason, we encourage all students to take the PPL Assessment; however, if you are an incoming transfer student you may be able to use a transfer Math course for placement. Placement into a particular UA MATH course does not guarantee any particular grade in the course. For more information, see the PPL FAQ's. Incoming students should refer to the information in their Next Steps Center. 


SAT I MSS (MATH) or ACT MATH Placement 

Incoming first year students can qualify for a Math course through sufficient SAT I MSS or ACT MATH scores.  Scores must be recent. 


Transfer Credits

Student who have college math credit through a transfer institution,  AP, IB, or CLEP exam credits, should review the MATH Credit by Exam & Transfer Credits information.  Some courses require an evaluation.  Transfer Credits are generally valid for prerequisite placement only if taken within the past 18 months. Incoming students should refer to the information in the Math Placement portion of the Next Steps Center.  


Need more information or to contact us?  Visit the Math Placement Support Portal.