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Math Placement Information for UA Advisors

Math Placement Handouts and General Information for Advisors, for Fall 2019

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Please direct students questions to 

  • Information about Calculus courses 
  • Math Flow Chart for first and second year courses
  • Arizona Math Course Equivalencies - Does not include Grand Canyon University, Arizona Christian University. Submit an evaluation for these institutions. 
  • Out of State Transfer Equivalencies - through UA Registrar webpage. Submit an evaluation if the course is not on the Transfer Equivalencies website
  • Contact info business card to give to students you see in person.
  • Math Placement Information
  • Testing Information- the placement test is for entry into courses at or below the level of Math 122A/B and 125. Test scores are good for one year.  
    • All tests are proctored, primarily through Examity, an online proctoring service.  
    • Incoming freshman can qualify through recent SAT I MSS (Math) or ACT MATH scores (1/1/2018 or later for Fall 2019 freshmen).  
    • All test scores expire after one year.  
    • Students should read this Testing Information document before taking the PPL Assessment.
    • About the ALEKS PPL Assessment
      • Incoming students access ALEKS PPL information and access Examity testing through the Next Steps Center.  
        • For incoming Freshmen or incoming international students: To access the test through the Next Steps Center, Enrollment fee must be marked as paid in Next Steps and student must be registered for orientation.  
        • UA Online covers testing fees for their students. 
      • Incoming Transfer, readmits, NDS, etc. must determine if test is required (Are they done with math requirement? Do they have recent (within 18 months) and appropriate prerequisite? Do they have a placement test score less than one year old?). There is a $26 testing fee.
        • Test is not required for most students. Access to the Examity proctoring is through the Next Steps Center.  Students may need to refresh check list in Next Steps for this portion to update. 
      • Current students test online with Examity through their D2L site. We will also offer some in-person testing dates in Mathematics Room 101. Testing Instructions for current students.
  •  How do you find Math Placement test scores?
    • Advisors-
      • Test scores are now on the Transfer Credit Report in UAccess Student.
      • Test scores are posted in Uaccess under Records and Enrollment, Transfer Credit Evaluation, Test Results, scroll to bottom of page (view all)
    • Students- 
      • Incoming students - Check your Score in the Next Steps Center
      • Current Students - Transfer Credit Report
      • TRANSFER CREDIT REPORT: PPL scores may appear as "NO RULE" or "REJECTED".  This does not mean the test score is rejected, only that the score does not award credit.  These scores are still valid for placement for one year (15 months).

Other Updates, reminders:


New for FALL 2019:

  • New Courses
    • Math 108 - for Architecture and Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences only, same placement as Math 112.
    • Math 119A - for Physio, EEB, Biology, and MCB majors only, same placement as Math 120R. Is not a prerequisite to Math 129.
  • Minor changes to SAT, ACT, and PPL scores for some courses. 
  • All student who take Math 100 also enroll in SAS 100AX, even continuing students. 
  • Math 109C is no longer offered. 
  • PSY 230 is now a gstrand math course.

Old news, but reminders:

  • We are using a new test for Fall 2018, ALEKS PPL.  
  • All incoming Fall freshmen enrolled in Math 100 will participate in Schedule For Success.
  • New Course, Math 106, for Elementary Education majors only.   Same placement as Math 105 and 107. 
  • Math 109C will be offered for the last time for GRO only in Fall 2018. 
  • Please direct students to for transfer, test score, placement testing, registration, or other placement related questions. A team of staff help respond to these inquiries.
  • Incoming students should be directed to their Next Steps Center. There are special math links there that are specific to the incoming student groups. 
  • Spring 2018 (or for fall 2017 incoming students) Math 111+112 is not a pathway to Math 122A/B. Students who place into Math 112 would then take Math 120R before taking Math 122A/B. 
  • A grade of C or higher in Math 112 is required for entry into Math 113 or 116 (also requires MIS 111).  
  • New course, Math 106, to replace Math 105 for students in the College of Education.
  • Math 107 info sheet
    • Can replace Math 109C/112 for the following majors: Care, Health, and Society, Communication (as prerequisite to SBS 200), Criminal Justice, Family Studies and Human Development, Information Science and Arts, Political Science, Psychology BA (not BS), Public Management and POlicy, Regional Development, Sociology, or majors that allow Math 105 (except some in the College of Education, consult advisor.) 
    • Is a prerequisite to SBS 200 and ISTA 116 (note that stats courses are NOT prerequisite to lab sciences courses). 
    • Is NOT a prerequisite to Math courses or lab science courses like MCB 181L/R, PHYS 102, CHEM 141/151.
  • Changes to Math 111, Summer 2016 - the test score is now higher than Math 112.   This means students need a higher test score to take Math 111 and 112 at the same time.
    • Note that UA Math 111 is a 2 unit course and cannot satisfy a foundation math requirement.  A transfer 3-unit Math 111 course can satisfy Mstrand (Math 109C/112) or Gstrand (Math 105) requirement.  Contact .
  • We have several math requirement designators attached to transfer math courses that do not have a UA equivalent, but can satisfy a requirement. 
    • RD G105 is attached to a course that will satisfy UA Math 105
    • RD M116 is usually attached to a course that transfers as Math 113 (not dual enrollment) and means the course will satisfy UA Math 116.
    • RD M112 is attached to a course that will satisfy Math 112 requirement, but is not a prerequisite to other math or science courses.
    • RD GSTA is attached to a low level statistics course that seems to have similar content to courses like UA Math 163, Psyc 230, SBS 200, but does not have a college algebra (Math 112) or higher level prerequisite. The course can satisfy the Gstrand math requirement (Math 105), or a major statistics requirement (Math 163, Psyc 230, SBS 200), but NOT BOTH. GSTA courses cannot satisfy a Mstrand foundation math (Math 112) requirement.
  • Pima no longer has a precalculus course. It is now split into two courses: MAT 188 (transfers as UA Math 112) and MAT 189 (transfers as UA Math 111). 
  • LING 123 is a new Gstrand foundation math course. Majors that allow PHIL 110 for the foundation math course will also allow LING 123. There is no placement test requirement for this course.  
  •  Other:
    • Around June 1 of every year, we allow student to enroll in Fall Math 129, 223, or 254 if the student is enrolled in the prerequisite outside UA over summer. Students can add through UAccess. We check prerequisite and contact students who do not seem to meet the requirement starting in early August.  We do not drop student until right before classes begin, but only after attempting to contact them several times. Students must register prior to August 1 and must show proof of completion of the prerequisite prior to the first day of classes. 
    • We do not add students to math courses other than honors Math 129 or 223.   Please direct students to add through UAccess.
    • Incoming students can find information about math transfer evaluation, review, retesting, find test scores and placement message, and other items through the Math Placement link in their Next Steps Center.