The University of Arizona

Alumni Early Career Profiles - Melissa Ann Green

Name: Melissa Ann Green
Education: B.S., Mathematics, The University of Arizona, May 2003
Position: Verification Analyst
Sector: Manufacturing


As an analyst with JT3, I design and manage verification tests on systems of J-Tech test and training ranges. I then analyze the test data to verify the integrity of these systems. I have held this position for one year and had no previous industry experience.

In the design of a test, all aspects of a system must be considered. The analyst must have extensive knowledge of the system, for the analyst determines what data is necessary for collection and is involved in determining how this data will be captured. During the verification tests, the analyst must oversee each stage to ensure all objectives are being met and that sufficient and accurate data is being collected. In the analysis of data it is important that all criteria for validation reflect the proper specifications that system runs under. Verification analysts are also involved in finding and solving problems with systems that are found to be malfunctioning and the subsequent re-verification of these systems.

I graduated in May 2003 from the UA with a B.S. degree in mathematics and a computer science minor. In my position, I extensively use the knowledge I gained of statistical theory in the design of test criteria, and in the analysis of test data. My programming skills are often used in the process of data reduction. To work in the industry of governmental contractors one needs to be confident in their ability to fulfill many diverse requirements and be comfortable working with people in the military. Also many positions, such as mine, require a secret or top-secret clearance, so a reasonably clear background is also required to work in this industry.

If you are considering mathematics for your field of study I highly recommend it. Mathematics is a highly respected and diverse field of study. Mathematicians are valued and employed in many fields. If you love math as I do, consider it a gift. Many people around us struggle with it. The study of mathematics is not an easy one but it is truly intriguing and fulfilling. In my course work at the UA, I truly learned more about mathematics than I knew was out there to learn, and more than I ever dreamed I could. There is no other field of study more diverse and universally valued than mathematics. So go for it! The hardest part is picking what type of mathematics you want to work in.