The University of Arizona

Alumni Early Career Profiles

An often asked question is: What can one do with a undergraduate mathematics degree, besides teach mathematics? The profiles below provide ample evidence for the utility of an undergraduate degree in mathematics. Some of our graduates choose to join the workforce immediately, while others pursue advanced degrees in engineering, the sciences, or professions such as law, medicine, or dentistry.

We encourage students to read over the profiles and reflect on the many opportunities that are available for mathematically trained graduates.

The profiles above were created as a part of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) Early Career Profile Network. Unfortunately, the funding for the project ran out, and the web page on the AMS site has been taken down. However, a couple of the other institutions still have profiles posted, and we encourage you to browse them through the links below. The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) website also has a variety of career profiles that may be of interest, and the sites and are additional excellent resources for career information.

Institution Industry Sectors 
University of California - Berkeley  Finance and Insurance
Management of companies and enterprises
Virginia Tech    Education
Finance and insurance
Information Technology