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B.A./B.S. in Mathematics or Statistics & Data Science

The information and requirements given here apply to the 2018–2019 catalog. For other catalog years, please consult the archive.

Upon declaring a major in mathematics or statistics & data science, students must select a degree in which the major will appear.  We offer your choice of a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.).  

These degrees have many common requirements, including minimum units, English composition, and many of the general education courses.  There are some differences, however.

Below, you can find the requirements specific to the two degrees. For requirements specific to each major, regardless of degree, see:

Comparing the B.A. and the B.S.

As far as the mathematics or statistics coursework is concerned, the B.A. and B.S. are identical. 

The requirements for the two degrees differ only in the following ways:

  • Second language requirement (details below).
  • Science/application course requirements (details below).

The B.A. in Mathematics or SDS

  • Language Requirement: Students must demonstrate fourth semester proficiency in a second language.
  • The degree is not science-intensive. Students need to complete only the two Tier One NATS (170) and one Tier Two Natural Science courses, as specified in the University General Education requirements.

The B.S. in Mathematics or SDS

  • Language Requirement: Students must demonstrate second semester proficiency in a second language.
  • Laboratory Science Courses Requirement: The degree is science-intensive and requires one of the following sequences of laboratory science courses:
    • PHYS 141& either PHYS 142 or PHYS 241
    • PHYS 161H& either PHYS 162H or PHYS 261H
    • CHEM 151& CHEM 152
    • CHEM 141&CHEM 143&CHEM 142&CHEM 144
    • CHEM 161&CHEM 163&CHEM 162&CHEM 164
    • MCB 181R& MCB 181L& ECOL 182R& ECOL 182L
    • PSIO 201& PSIO 202
    • GEOS 251& GEOS 302
    • GEOS 251& GEOS 304
  • Application Courses Requirement: (This requirement does not apply to the Mathematics Education emphasis.) Students must complete at least six units coursework that applies advanced mathematics or statistics to other academic fields.

For mathematics majors, these courses must have a pre- or co-requisite of at least Calculus I (MATH 122B or higher). Choose from the following:

Agric & Biosystems Eng ABE 201 , ABE 284,

ABE 428,

ABE 481A;

Astronomy ASTR 250;
Atmospheric Sciences ATMO 421C (no longer offered), ATMO 436A, ATMO 469A, ATMO 469B;
Biochemistry BIOC 462A, BIOC 462B, BIOC 463A, BIOC 466;
Biomedical Engineering BME 481B;
Civil Engineering CE 214;
Chemical & Environmental Engr  CHEE 201, CHEE 201L, CHEE 202, CHEE 301A, CHEE 481A, CHEE 481B;
Chemistry CHEM 105A, CHEM 105B, CHEM 404A, CHEM 480A, CHEM 480B, CHEM 481;
Computer Science CSC 345, CSC 422, CSC 433, CSC 436, CSC 437 (not offered recently), CSC 445, CSC 453, CSC 460, CSC 477;
Computer Science UA South CSCV 345;
Electrical & Computer Engr ECE 201R, ECE 381A, ECE 404, ECE 429;
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology ECOL 302, ECOL 447, ECOL 496N (not offered recently);
Economics ECON 332,ECON 361;
Engineering ENGR 211C, ENGR 211P, ENGR 265;
Environmental Science ENVS 420, ENVS 470;
Geography & Development GEOG 463;
Geosciences GEOS 322GEOS 356, GEOS 419, GEOS 432, GEOS 434A, GEOS 440 (not offered recently), GEOS 469, GEOS 479;
Hydrology and Water Resources HWRS 421 (not offered recently), HWRS 431, HWRS 460A;
Information Sci, Tech & Arts ISTA 352, ISTA 421;
Molecular & Cellular Biology MCB 303, MCB 305, MCB 480;
Materials Science & Engr MSE 345, MSE 404, MSE 415;
Optical Sciences OPTI 201ROPTI 404;
Physics PHYS 140, PHYS 141, PHYS 142, PHYS 143, PHYS 151 (not offered recently), PHYS 152 (not offered recently), PHYS 161H, PHYS 162H, PHYS 240, PHYS 241, PHYS 251 (not offered recently), PHYS 261H, PHYS 440;
Physiology PSIO 303A, PSIO 303B, PSIO 304, PSIO 472;
Planetary Sciences PTYS 407, PTYS 411;
Systems & Industrial Engr SIE 250, SIE 265
Watershed Management WSM 402, WSM 460A;
 or courses approved by your academic advisor.

For statistics & data science majors, these courses must have a pre- or co-requisite of a statistics course or at least Calculus I (MATH 122B or higher). Choose from the following: 

Agric & Biosystems Engineering ABE 201ABE 284ABE 423ABE 428;
Animal & Comp Biomed Sciences ACBS 313;
Aerospace & Mechanical Engr AME 472
Astronomy ASTR 250;
Biochemistry BIOC 462A,BIOC 462BBIOC 466;
Biomedical Engineering BME 481B
Civil Engineering CE 214;
Chemistry CHEM 161CHEM 162CHEM 325CHEM 326CHEM 404ACHEM 480ACHEM 480B;
Computer Science CSC 345CSC 422CSC 433CSC 436CSC 437CSC 445CSC 453CSC 460CSC 477;
Electrical & Computer Engr ECE 381AECE 429;
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology ECOL 302ECOL 447;
Economics ECON 332ECON 361;
Engineering ENGR 211C;
Environmental Science ENVS 420ENVS 470;
Epidemiology EPID 479;
Geography & Development GEOG 463;
Geosciences GEOS 322GEOS 356GEOS 419GEOS 432GEOS 434AGEOS 440GEOS 469GEOS 479;
Information Sci, Tech & Arts ISTA 321ISTA 350ISTA 421ISTA 450;
Molecular & Cellular Biology MCB 315MCB 416AMCB 480;
Materials Science & Engr MSE 345MSE 404MSE 415;
Neuroscience & Cognitive Sci NSCS 344;
Optical Sciences OPTI 201R;
Physics PHYS 140PHYS 141PHYS 142PHYS 143PHYS 161HPHYS 162HPHYS 240PHYS 241PHYS 261H;
Physiology PSIO 303PSIO 472;
Planetary Sciences PTYS 407;
Range Management RAM 456A;
Renewable Natural Resources RNR 417RNR 473;
Systems & Industrial Engr SIE 250SIE 265SIE 422SIE 496;
Sociology SOC 476;
Wildlife & Fisheries Science WFSC 444;
Watershed Management WSM 460A;
 or courses approved by your academic advisor.  

Note: B.S. students may satisfy both the Laboratory Science Courses Requirement and the Application Courses Requirement by completing one of the Physics sequences. 

Double Degrees

Students pursuing a second major that has a degree title different from that of the first major are technically double degree students. Additional requirements may apply to double degree students that do not pertain to double major students (students with two majors that have exactly the same degree title). See an advisor for details.


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