The University of Arizona
Please note that this project is no longer active.

The University-School Co-Operative Teacher Program

The University-School Co-Operative Teacher Program was created in 1987 to open a meaningful and regular contact with teachers from local school districts. Its success led to the creation of a Co-Op Program with Pima Community College in 1995. The aims of the program are two-fold. First, to provide teachers with an intensive period for professional development. During the program they take courses, participate in a math instruction colloquium on content and pedagogy issues, and get to know and interact with the faculty at the University of Arizona. Second, to benefit from the wealth of teaching experience they bring into entry level courses at the University. In this way university students get instruction from an accomplished teacher in their classroom. Moreover, the teacher gets to know first hand the university curriculum and the expectations needed for success. They in turn can speak more authoritatively with students and colleagues about university standards. Normally, four teachers and two Pima faculty participate in the program each year.

The Co-Op Program works likes this. The school district/Pima Community College and the University of Arizona enter into an intergovernmental agreement. Participants in the program remain school district/Pima Community College employees with full salary and benefits. In return the university will pay the cost of a replacement teacher. At the end of the program participants must return to their district/Pima Community College for a minimum of one year.

The program has been very successful at promoting a regular exchange of ideas and expertise between school district teachers, Pima College, and University faculty.

K-12 Participants

Year Name School
2000-2001 Linda Alley-Sarnack Tucson High School
2000-2001 Margaret Pietsch Amphi High School
2000-2001 Helen Remington Desert View High School (retired)
2000-2001 Kathleen Schuster Santa Rita High School (at UofA)
1999-2000 Lisa Berger Desert View High School (at UofA)
1999-2000 Dave Kukla Sabino High School
1999-2000 Amy Ram Tucson High School
1999-2000 Cecilia Taylor Palo Verde High School (retired)
1998-1999 Mel Artz Mt. View High School
1998-1999 Bryce Linkvis Sierra Middle School (moved)
1998-1999 Cal Stanley Cholla High School (at Pima Community College)
1998-1999 Diane Theriault Tucson High Magnet School
1998-1999 Michael Warrick Coronado Middle School
1997-1998 Ken Bucholtz St. Gregory Preparatory School
1997-1998 Jose Fonseca Wakefield Middle School (at Catalina High School)
1997-1998 Pamela Keane Desert View High School (retired)
1997-1998 Carole Locklear Cholla High School (moved)
1997-1998 Jeff Krause Palo Verde High School
1997-1998 Fernando Rendon Tucson High Magnet School
1996-1997 Dan Benson Central High School, Phoenix
1996-1997 Paul DesJarlais Amphi High School
1996-1997 Virginia Johnson Deer Valley High School, Phoenix
1996-1997 Jay Kirch Sabino High School (at Raytheon)
1996-1997 Paula Klein Sunnyside High School
1996-1997 Linda Langner Canyon Del Oro High School
1995-1996 Jeanne Deloria Tucson High School
1995-1996 Careylyn Hill Canyon del Oro High School (retired)
1995-1996 Linda Malapanes Mt. View High School
1995-1996 Ira Lackow Sabino High School
1995-1996 Brenda Ugalde Pueblo High School
1994-1995 Virginia Crook Palo Verde High School (retired)
1994-1995 Kay Groll Canyon Del Oro High School
1994-1995 Gene Hendricks Sunnyside High School
1994-1995 Ron Hopley Tucson High Magnet School
1994-1995 Dennis Mobley Palo Verde High School (moved)
1994-1995 Chris Yetman Canyon Del Oro High School
1993-1994 Suzanne Bouwens Sahuaro High School (retired)
1993-1994 Debra Grieder Paradise Valley High School, Phoenix
1993-1994 Kathy King Amphi High School (retired)
1993-1994 Bob Koenig Tucson High Magnet School
1993-1994 Steve Kraus Orange Grove Middle School
1993-1994 Kathy Lackow Sabino High School
1993-1994 Theresa Riel Pueblo High School
1992-1993 Edna Nehrmeyer Observer/Evaluator FWSD
1992-1993 Janice Takagi Pueblo High School
1992-1993 John Willy Tucson High School
1991-1992 Virginia Bohme Tucson High Magnet School
1991-1992 Sharyl Cummings Mansfeld Middle School (retired)
1991-1992 Linda Griffin Orange Grove Middle School
1991-1992 Lee Jessen Flowing Wells High School
1991-1992 Carolyn Maycher Mt. View High School
1990-1991 David Baker Cholla High School
1990-1991 Maritza Eaton Canyon Del Oro High School
1990-1991 Rick Hamilton Tele Teaching/Home Bound
1990-1991 Joyce House Rincon High School
1990-1991 DeAnna McDonald Palo Verde High School
1990-1991 Mike Takagi Pueblo High School
1989-1990 Linda Coe Sunnyside High School
1989-1990 Richard Corvo Rincon High School (retired)
1989-1990 Karen Lane Canyon Del Oro High School
1989-1990 Kathie Miller University High School (retired)
1989-1990 Patti Stinson Sabino High School (retired)
1988-1989 Sue Adams Resource Teacher TUSD (retired)
1988-1989 Ann Modica Rincon High School (retired)
1987-1988 Paul Dye Sunnyside High School
1987-1988 Rita Hartman Orange Grove Middle School
1987-1988 Don Simpson Amphi High School

Pima Participants

Year Name Pima Campus
1999-2000 Yvonne Brown West
1999-2000 Mickey Levendusky Downtown
1998-1999 Scott Collins West
1998-1999 Sue Jensen East
1996-1997 Paul Flasch West
1996-1997 Bill Martin East
1995-1996 Ellen Caldwell West
1995-1996 Debbie Yoklic West