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Please note that this project is no longer active.

Do the Math TV Show

(2003 -2005)

Begun in the fall of 2003, this television show, called “Do the Math”, is a live sixty minute show broadcast every Thursday from 4 to 5 PM on Channel 76, and repeated the following Tuesday from 4 to 5 PM. Developed in collaboration with the University of Arizona's KUAT Communication Group, the show provides the Center with the opportunity to address all of its goals; helping school students, recruiting new teachers, retaining veteran teachers, and creating a climate of respect for the teaching profession. Each show features a school of the week. A mathematics teacher from the school presents a lesson to his/her students in the live audience. Other features include a speaker from the community whose work uses mathematics, a segment that addresses the AIMS test, and an exploratory problem of the week that carries a prize. Also, viewers may send in questions by e-mail to a website during the week and receive answers on the air.

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Frederick W Stevenson

Frederick W Stevenson

Professor Emeritus
MATH 713