Mathematical Physics

Mathematics and physics have interacted fruitfully for centuries. Physics has been a constant source of interesting mathematical problems, and these problems have often required new mathematics for their solution. Conversely, advances in mathematics have found surprising and impressive applications in physics.
Research in mathematical physics at the University of Arizona centers around the areas of classical and quantum statistical mechanics, quantum field theory, and random or disordered systems. Some specific topics include spin glasses, quantum electronic systems, solvable models, percolation, random matrices, and localization. The mathematics involved in this research comes from analysis, probability and geometry.


Ibrahim Fatkullin

Stochastic processes and calculus of variations in applications to statistical physics

Anton Izosimov

Integrable systems.
Geometric fluid dynamics.

Christoph Keller

Quantum Field Theory.
String Theory
Vertex Operator Algebras.

Thomas G Kennedy

Quantum spin systems.
Self-avoiding walks.
Renormalization group.

Robert S Maier

Random processes.
Random matrix theory

Jan Wehr

Quantum theory.
Statistical physics.
Disordered systems.
Waves in random media.


Houssam Abdul-Rahman

Disordered quantum systems.
Many-body localization.

Jianfei Xue


William G. Faris

Quantum Mechanics.
Random fields.

Hermann Flaschka